Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Winch is powerful enough to handle the heaviest Land Rover in the worst predicament you’re likely to meet. Its pulling power of 5443kg comfortably meet the ideal rating of one and half time the static weight  of your Land Rover  and for such a heavyweight.

Putting this kind of kit or (small or large winch) to use out in the field need serious consideration of the safety concern.  Any responsible off roader will keep the winching equipment clean and well serviced, and will check the cable after every use to ensure the there are no broken strands of wire or kinks in the line.
One broken strand means it time to fit a new cable, because the remaining strand will be under extra load increasing the chance of those breaking too. The more strands that go, the faster the cable will fail.
That’s the theory. In practice you may need several winching recoveries to get home during a lengthy off road outing, with an increased likelihood of equipment damage along the way. That’s where the safety get comes into its own.  

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